Stupid design decisions with the Github API wrapper

Whilst writing some blog posts about the authentication which I’ve been implementing, I’ve come to the realization, almost as an after thought, that even though I’ve still not got a lot of the main Github API implemented, the way I’ve envisioned the API working, from a user point of view, is sort of a bit shit.

var userApi = new UserApi();
var user = userApi.GetUser("example");

Pretty straightforward, right? What about the as yet unwritten GistApi?

var gistApi = new GistApi();
var gist = gistApi.GetGist(...);

Again, pretty straightforward. But I see a pattern forming. What am I going to do when it comes to the RepositoryApi?

var reposApi = new RepositoryApi();
var repo = reposApi.GetRepository(...);

Well, that is starting to look pretty fucking stupid. I’ve caught myself doing it with other methods as well. I simply cannot believe I’ve let myself be so stupid. At least there is not that much implemented where I’ll have to refactor loads of shit.

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