I am a software developer, residing in the North West of England. I contract my services through FY7 Software. I have a daughter, and inbetween spending time with her I support Liverpool Football Club and read a lot of books.


You can contact me in any of the following ways:


Feel free to leave a comment, or create an issue or make a pull request on GitHub if you spot any mistakes.


The theme I’m using is one that I’ve put together myself, it draws heavy inspiration from some other Jekyll themes that are out there, and other people’s blogs on other platforms. I wanted to make my blog more about the content of the blog, rather than making it about pictures and an aesthetic design. That’s just bullshit which is either trying to sell you something, or distract away from the shitty content. If you like it, feel free to take it and use it as the basis for your own blog.


Everything that I post on here are my own personal thoughts, and should not be construed as the thoughts/opinions of the company I am currently contracting for.


All code is posted as-is with no licence (unless otherwise stated), and its not guranteed to actually work. Any of my Github repositories I link to are licensed seperately. All other content is copyright Stuart Grassie.