is a C# library which combines the MVVM architectural pattern for UI development, and the Reactive Extensions for asynchronous and event-based programming.

I’ve done a with RxUI, but I’ve not really put together a full blown app that actually does something, so I’ve decided to learn how to use it to (for the time being) build a WPF desktop app. I might expand on what I build. We shall see.

Paul Betts, the amazing coding ninja and author of ReactiveUI, will probably be the first to admit that the documentation for ReactiveUI hasn’t historically been all that it could be. There are some great example applications already out there, and if you ask a question on Twitter or the ReativeUI mailing list, you will get an answer. There also doesn’t seem to be very many people blogging about how to use RxUI.

So I thought I’d give it a try myself.

I’m going to try and blog my way through my learning experience, on a step-by-step basis. I’m going to make mistakes, some of my code will be awful, my WPF UI design is guaranteed to make you vomit, and I might not even use RxUI in the way that you are supposed to. But hopefully any mistakes I make will go towards the learning aspect of this endeavour.