I’ve been a user of Vim for several years now. I use it as my go-to standard editor. As I primarily write C# code, I obviously use Visual Studio, a lot, and I have the wonderful VsVim extension installed, which provides a lot of the power of Vim, from within Visual Studio.

I thought I was pretty good at using Vim, until the other day when I saw Vim being used in some screencasts and I immediately thought that I suck at using Vim.

It turns out, that I learned enough about using Vim that got me a good increase in productivity, that I basically stopped learning how to use it. My brain must have decided that I learned all I needed to know to get me through my day, and stopped me wanting to learn anymore.

I have now found a great source of screencasts about using Vim, here, which are split into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I learned how to do new stuff with Vim that is in the first beginner video.

I wish that I had found these videos several years ago when I was first starting out with Vim, as watching them then would probably have saved me a lot of time over the last several years.