Git plus dropbox

Some time ago, I wrote about using Dropbox as a version control system. I now realise how naive  and short-sighted that thought was. At the time, it was my belief that a dropbox account could be suitable for maintaining version...

I won a free Typemock t-shirt via Twitter!

Recently I re-tweeted something from Roy Osherove, and as a consequence, I received a nice t-shirt today all the way from Israel! As a bonus, also visible is my copy of The Art of Unit Testing, by Mr Osherove.

More on the generic plugin manager

Update: I’ve written some more about what I’ve learned whilst working on my plugin manager here:

A psake build script example

I have recently started using psake to do some build automation at work, and I’ve found that there is not a great deal of information about how to write a build script using psake available on the internet. It isn’t...

My recommended reading list

Love him or hate him, several years ago, Jeff Atwood (of infamy and the really rather awesome posted on his blog a recommended reading list for developers. He has since become a sort of mini internet programming celebrity....