Extending Sandra.Snow

After switching my blog over to use Sandra.Snow, I noticed that in at least one feed aggregator that my blog shows up in, it wasn’t displaying correct. The escaped html in the feed generator from the markdown by Snow wasn’t...

Updating git submodules

I’m writing this up mostly for my own benefit so that I don’t have to go searching for it again in future.

Moved blog to snow and github

No longed bound to wordpress For most of the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve used Wordpress. It’s very good software, but kind of requires somewhere to host it. Either on your own custom hosting, or wordpress.com. For a long time,...

Learning ReactiveUI for fun and profit: Hello, World!

Introduction I want to start learning how to use ReactiveUI to develop a WPF desktop application, and I have experience with building MVVM applications with Prism and Caliburn.Micro, so the challenge for me is learning RxUi’s opinions and how to...

Learning ReactiveUI for fun and profit

http://www.reactiveui.net is a C# library which combines the MVVM architectural pattern for UI development, and the Reactive Extensions for asynchronous and event-based programming.