Configuring SignalR in StructureMap

Configuring SignalR in ASP.NET MVC, using StructureMap as the IoC container is fairly straightforward, but not without some subtleties that caught me out.

Gitlab and Active Directory

Gitlab is an open source ‘clone’ of Github, although I don’t think it’s much of a clone anymore, to be fair. The Enterprise edition has full Active Directory support, and the Community edition does not.

ASP.Net Bootstrap 3 form control width

Having just been stumped on this for longer than I care to admit, and only finding the answer to my problem buried in a comment on StackOverflow, I’m posting it here for my own future reference:

Fluent NPoco mappings with StructureMap

I like using NPoco, it’s a really nice library that allows you stop having to write raw ADO.NET. Recently I just switched one of my projects at work to use the Fluent Mapping features, essentially so that my POCO’s do...