Gitlab and Active Directory

Gitlab is an open source ‘clone’ of Github, although I don’t think it’s much of a clone anymore, to be fair. The Enterprise edition has full Active Directory support, and the Community edition does not.

ASP.Net Bootstrap 3 form control width

Having just been stumped on this for longer than I care to admit, and only finding the answer to my problem buried in a comment on StackOverflow, I’m posting it here for my own future reference:

Fluent NPoco mappings with StructureMap

I like using NPoco, it’s a really nice library that allows you stop having to write raw ADO.NET. Recently I just switched one of my projects at work to use the Fluent Mapping features, essentially so that my POCO’s do...

Learned so much about Vim that I should already know

I’ve been a user of Vim for several years now. I use it as my go-to standard editor. As I primarily write C# code, I obviously use Visual Studio, a lot, and I have the wonderful VsVim extension installed, which...